Food Solutions

DIY Food Kits

We have a range of DIY Food Kits freshly prepared with the highest quality ingredients and accompanied with instruction manuals to ensure a Smooth process and a delicious fresh meal for the whole family! We offer a range of kits including our signature pizza kit, burger kit and le petit pinch cupcake kit for the kiddos! You can even rent our cooking equipment such as our pizza oven for the full Italian Pizza at home experience! Get in touch to learn more!

Chef's Pantry

We only source the highest quality ingredients from the best suppliers around the UAE to deliver them directly and conveniently to your doorstep! Have a look at our Chef’s pantry to order our fresh steaks from the butchery section, the highest quality seafood that you can grill at home or gift hampers of our signature sauces and spices to gift to a special friend or to take your home-cooked dishes to the next level!